I am Adrienne,

Adrienne Woods Sound Therapist

If you are interested in improving the wellbeing of adults and children especially those with complex health needs and learning disabilities you have come to the right place.

‘Sound  Therapy’ specialises in teaching adults and children ways to relax using simple multi-sensory approaches including  the use of therapeutic sound and music, massage, meditation and  mindfulness activities.

I am passionate about sharing the benefits of relaxation and meditation,  about teaching others these skills in order that they can help and support themselves and those they love and care for. Learning to meditate and being more mindful are skills that  can help support children of all ages (toddlers to teens)  throughout their life. You may be looking on this website because you wish to help and support your child or the children in your care.  The added bonus of  participating in these sessions however, is that you will also be helping yourself in the process!  Simply by participating you too will feel the benefits.

On this website: you will find information about:

  • Therapeutic sound  sessions for wellbeing and health. Sessions suitable for children and adults of all abilities.
  • ‘Soundsations’ Sensory massage:- a unique and  innovative multi-sensory sound  massage  specifically designed to engage individuals  with profound and multiple learning disabilities.
  • ‘Connected Kids’ – Meditation and mindfulness sessions for children of all abilities and ages (toddlers to teens) including children with special needs.
  • The Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) an evidenced- based, child -to -child internationally respected massage programme.
  • Meditation and therapy sessions for adults.
  • Bespoke workshops:  created to meet  your individual/group/ organisational  requirements.

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