About Me

Adrienne Woods 

My Story

Sound therapy, reflexology and meditation  helped me during a difficult period in my life when I was ill, anxious and in pain.  I learnt how to relax and felt the benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. This personal experience underpins my passion  as a holistic therapist to share these valuable techniques with others. These techniques helped me in a positive way and they still do, they are a part of my daily life and routine.  I know from my own experience that the introduction of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness  activities has the potiental of helping everyone improve their well-being and health.

I have many years of experience working as a holistic therapist within the NHS,  social services, charitable organisations, commercial corporations and with individual families.

My approach has been very successful in meeting the needs of a wide range of clients including those with stress-related illnesses, cancer and learning disabilities, to name a few. My specific interest is in working with both children and adults with special needs and complex learning disabilities, and those living with dementia. I find this work incredibly rewarding.

Professional Qualifications

  • I am a trained nurse and a fully qualified holistic therapist.
  • As a  sound therapist I have studied to Diploma level, training with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, the College of Sound Healing and the Wheater Sound Academy.
  • I am fully trained in  reflexology.
  • As a qualified ‘Connected Kids’ practitioner I have specific skills and expertise in teaching meditation and relaxation, specifically in relation to children.
  • I am a trained instructor of ‘The Massage in Schools Programme’ (MISP) .

College of Sound Healing Tutor Accreditation

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