Who I am

  • Qualified sound therapist/holistic therapist and trained nurse.
  • I provide a unique approach, incorporating relaxation techniques, mindfulness activities, sound therapy and therapeutic touch, to promote well-being and health.
  • My skills are currently being utilised by hospital trusts, schools caring for children with special needs, community organisations and the general public.
  • I work with children and adults of all ages, but specialise in working with people with profound disabilities and complex needs.
  • I aim to share my approach to holistic health and well-being across a broad sector of the community – from hospitals and schools to community groups.

This is what I do

  • Sound therapy – the therapeutic use of sound and music to promote wellbeing and health. Instruments used include the monochord harp chair, therapy monochord, gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drum, tuning forks and other musical instruments, in addition to the voice. A multi-sensory experience of sound, vibration and touch. Sound sessions are facilitated in a variety of ways to meet individual needs. There are sessions suitable for adults and for  children. Group therapy or individual treatment sessions are available. Passive or fully participative sessions can be facilitated. Sessions include individual sound treatments with a monochord sound chair, sound baths, sound meditation and soundscapes.
  • ‘Soundsations Relaxation’:- a session specially designed for children and adults with learning disabilities and complex needs.  A truly multi-sensory experience which incorporates therapeutic sound, massage, pleasant smells, and subdued lighting. A great session to share in a multi-sensory room if available.
  • ‘Connected Kids’:-relaxation and mindfulness activities for children:- teaching children how to feel better about themselves through simple relaxation and mindfulness activities that are fun and engaging. An approach that can be adapted to meet the needs of all children whatever their age or learning ability.
  • Meditation and relaxation sessions for adults.
  • Therapeutic Touch Therapies:-holistic reflexology and Indian head massage.
  • Bespoke workshops.

This is where I do it

  • Sound therapy can deliver all of these sessions in your own venue. The instruments used are all portable and I am happy to come to you if that best suits your needs.
  • Sessions are frequently facilitated in classrooms, multi-sensory rooms, day centres and in peoples own homes.
  • Alternatively if you would prefer, you can come to me. Sessions can be arranged at a local holistic therapy centre or if you have specific care needs and you require specialised equipment and facilities an appropriate venue is available locally





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