Massage in Schools Programme (MISP)


The Massage in Schools Programme known as (MISP) is a fun activity in which children learn the value of positive touch using touch games and activities, and by creating massage stories. The programme is facilitated by a trained MISP instructor. The massage routine is given by children to children. Children are given the choice about whether they give or receive the massage. The massage is given over clothes and only to the back, neck, head, arms and hands. MISP is an inclusive programme for children aged 4-12 years. Aspects of the programme can be adapted to suit the needs of younger children and children with special needs.  MISP can be used in schools, after-school clubs and at home with the family. It is an evidence-based, child–to child, internationally respected massage programme which was first introduced into UK schools in 2001.

The benefits of positive touch using MISP:-

  • Helps to create a safe and happy learning environment.
  • Assists concentration, focus and memory.
  • Promotes physical development through kinaesthetic learning.
  • Develops respect between children, empathy and sharing.
  • Assists children to know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch.
  • A demonstrated reduction in bullying and aggression
  • It is fun, enjoyable and relaxing.