Sound Bath/Meditation and Relaxation

A session in which I play various instruments while guiding the group into a relaxed state using breathing techniques and guided imagery.singing bowl 3 medotation page There is no mystique involved in learning to relax and meditate. If you have the ability to sit or be in a comfortable position, to close your eyes while listening to beautiful sounds and focus your mind, you have all that is required.

A simple technique to learn, that can be incorporated into your daily life to bring about positive change. The sense of harmony and balance received during a period of deep relaxation can improve your health and well being. The benefits of this approach are widely known and acknowledged by those practicing both holistic and modern medicine.

This session can be offered to individuals as part of a publicly run session within the local community or by organisations in the work place.

meditation picture

A patient attending the hospice wrote this of her experience:

“As I concentrate on the sound it surrounds me and supports me, I have a strong feeling of being supported – physically and mentally.  The light tinkling bells lift my dark mood, as do the shakers. The big drum – it sounds so strong and safe and makes me feel like I’m receiving a big, gentle bear-hug. I feel secure, safe, loved. 

Eventually I am talked back from this very relaxed state. I sit up and feel quite stable. The sloshing around has been stilled. I feel anchored, centred, my hands have stopped shaking. Even better my mood has lifted – dark thoughts, fears and anger have left me for a little while.  I cannot explain why I benefit so much from this, I only know that I do.”


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