Soundsations Multi-sensory Relaxation for adults and children with learning disabilities and complex needs.

These sessions  have been designed for group participation but can also be used in one-to-one interventions. This sound session is similar to that of the ‘sound bath’ technique. Participants are immersed in gentle sounds that can be felt as well as heard. The instruments played produce vibrational effects, as well as gentle, meditative hypnotic sounds.

alfie 2

Instruments used include Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and percussion instruments. As the instruments are played participants enjoy a gentle massage. A  variety of tactile materials are used during the massage to complement the gentle sounds.  The tactile massage is delivered by the individual’s carer/parent, under supervision. This session has been specifically developed for clients and carers to enjoy together. To create a truly multi-sensory experience a Soundsations Relaxation session also incorporates pleasant smells and subdued lighting in a multi-sensory room if available.  It is a lovely sharing experience, a quality time of uninterrupted relaxation for all to enjoy.  The sensory elements of this therapy session support current educational guidelines for multi-sensory learning within the school special needs curriculum. This session is particularly well-received by individuals with learning disabilities (adults and children), elderly clients with dementia and young children.

Feeling sound vibrations

Feeling sound vibrations

What one teacher said:

“…a huge success, all the pupils with complex needs have given lovely responses. Some  were relaxed and still, others gave wonderful smiles as they felt the vibrations from the harp chair and singing bowls. Some  listened intently to the instruments. The calmness in the room was noticeable. Not only a lovely afternoon for the pupils, but also for the staff  supporting the youngsters.”


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